Preschool Program




The ELC preschool classroom is taught by a certified teacher with a bachelor's degree in early childhood. Our Preschool classroom is specifically geared towards aiding in the adjustment from home to school.  We understand that this may be the first time many children are in a more structured environment away from home.  Because of this the classroom curriculum embraces the social emotional needs of each child to help them adjust, connect and bond with their peers, teachers and classroom

The classroom is also set up to encourage physical navigation and movement within the space because children are very active at this age and like to use their whole bodies to explore. The children and their families are active participants in the learning process with the teachers functioning as a facilitator, resource and guide through the learning process.

Developmentally appropriate practice is central to our program.  Hands-on active learning is applied to daily learning activities.  The children are given developmentally appropriate opportunities to explore learning through play, the natural world, through cooking, collaboration, experimentation and/or investigation on a weekly basis.  They are given a variety of mediums to express themselves and demonstrate their learning and understanding through art, writing, sign language, peer to peer teaching opportunities and more.

Activities support the development of and Assessments are centered around the following domains of development: cognitive, social emotional, language, literacy and physical through small and large group learning. Ongoing assessment helps monitor the growth and the development of each child through out the year.  Parent /teacher conferences are done at least twice a year to update the families on their child’s progress and parents also receive emails and/or newsletters about what goes on in the classroom on a weekly basis.

We also deeply value the role the parent in their child’s education and view them as partners in the educational process.  We invite parents to get involved in their child’s classroom and be apart of the exciting experiences your child will have.  For more information and volunteer guidelines please see our Family Handbook.

Entrance Requirements

2 ½ -approximately 3 ½ years old (Can go up to 4yrs)

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via phone 810-250-7557 ext 212